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I Had Surgery Today. I Don’t Want Your Thoughts and Prayers Even Though I Need Them. Instead Please Pray For the Koalas in Australia

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I was very reluctant to write this blog. I didn’t want to draw attention to the fact that I had major vascular surgery today. That I had multiple veins removed from my right leg. That a few of my veins just stopping working because the blood running through my veins was flowing at speeds
only seen in champion race horses, Greek gods and cheetahs. That some of my weaker veins just couldn’t handle this type of superhuman blood flow and finally gave out.

Unfortunately though somebody leaked that I was at the hospital and word spread from the highlands. A collective nation held their breath. I was inundated with thousands of emails and tweets from well wishers saying I was in their thoughts and prayers. This does not include my father who pulled a George Costanza and asked if it was cancer and then instantly blamed the question on my mother.

Anyway that is not the reason I am writing this blog. Not to tell people that I refused to go under during my surgery. Not to tell people that I almost passed out 5 times during the surgery. Not to brag that despite having 5 veins removed from my body today I still managed to blog more than Smitty has blogged in the past decade.

Instead I want to tell all the tens of thousands of people who are praying for me that I don’t want your thoughts and prayers. Yes I appreciate it. Yes I deserve it. But please give all your thoughts and prayers to the koalas in Australia. They need it more than I do. And if that means I die tomorrow because nobody prayed for me but I saved one Koala than my death will have been worth it.

And on that note here is a link to help donate to the Australian wildfires and all the helpless animals. That is how you can honor my struggles and heroism. By honoring those who truly need it.