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Trae Young Relieves More Than $1,000,000 Worth Of Medical Debt For The Residents Of Atlanta

Source - ATLANTA — Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young has partnered with RIP Medical Debt to relieve more than a million dollars in past due medical debts for people in Atlanta who cannot afford to pay them.

“The city of Atlanta has welcomed me with open arms,” said Young. “Giving back to this community is extremely important to me. I hope these families can find a bit of relief knowing that their bills have been taken care of as we enter the New Year.”

Young donated $10,000 through the Trae Young Foundation to target relief in the Greater Atlanta Area.

Through this charitable act $1,059,186.39 of medical debt will be erased.

Awesome. Absolutely awesome. Whenever an athlete uses their money for good it should be publicized. I realize that’s the exact opposite of what a lot of them want (*cough* Willie Colon), but it’s still something that should be done. Good inspires good. And when you see someone doing something good it makes you want to do the same.

I can’t imagine the relief felt by these families when they found out their debts’ would be relived. Hopefully his actions inspire other athletes to do the same.

He’s having another incredible season, by the way. Averaging 22/4/8 on the year. Here are some highlights. Enjoy.