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January 8th CBB Picks: When A Coach Publicly Says His Team Is Not Gifted, Fade Them

roy williams

2020 ATS Record: 6-2

Last night was a rollercoaster. Rutgers battled to come out with a great win over Penn State that we were able to hit the spread and ML on. Unfortunately Creighton fell apart down the stretch and shafted me after being in the lead the entire game. Texas Tech was never in the mix to cover but are still sit at 6-2 and have another big but weird slate of games tonight. Lets get after it.

Pittsburgh +4.5 and ML +165 @ North Carolina

This pick is simple for me. If a coach goes on national radio and publicly states his team is the least gifted team he’s ever coached, you automatically have to fade the living shit out of them in their next game. That’s Gambling 101. I don’t even care what happens in this game this was an auto pick for me. I would make this pick over and over again every single time no matter the outcome. North Carolina has absolutely nothing. They have no one that can get their own shot, as Roy Williams said himself they are not gifted, and I can’t think of a time you’d be more likely to put together a lack luster effort than after your coach publicly said that your entire team is trash. I’m taking Pittsburgh tonight every possibly way. 1H spread and ML, game spread and ML. Anytime people are genuinely discussing North Carolina and the NIT when we’re barely into conference play, your one take away should be that the Tar Heels are DEAD.

Rhode Island -4 vs Davidson 

I love Rhode Island and I love Fatts Russell. I don’t actually love Rhode Island the state, I’d say overall it’s pretty shitty actually but I do love betting on them. Fatts Russell is your classic mid-major stud veteran guard that’s tough as hell, can score the ball at will and facilitate. I think the young king Fatts Russell brings it home for the Rhode Island Rams tonight and drops 25 plus on Davidson. Steph Curry ain’t coming out of the tunnel for Davidson.

Arkansas +6 @ LSU

Coach Musselman has become a Barstool favorite for his patented legendary photo reenactments, his great appearance on the YAK and his known status as a frequent Pardon My Take listener. What’s maybe being overlooked is thats he’s put together a rock solid team in Arkansas. 12-1 heading into a big conference game down in the bayou and I’m all aboard the Muss Bus. Gimme the 6 points all day and twice on a Wednesday. They might fuck around and win this game outright. LETS GO.