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LSU Is Crazy For Not Cancelling Classes For The National Championship

This is a mistake. 

There is no other way to say it except that. 

It. Is. A. Mistake. 

College football is a weird, weird game. You need everything to be in your favor. The coaching, the fans, the band, the recruits, etc. I talked about this earlier in the season when the Sooner Schooner fell and Oklahoma declared they weren't bringing it back. They were playing with the college football gods. And then what happened? OU lost to Kansas State. Baylor then went on to show the Sooner Schooner crashing up 28-3 on OU. What happened to Baylor? They blew the lead, lost to OU again, got blown out by Georgia's backups, and today they lost their coach. 

LSU should cancel classes to appease the college football gods. It's not like anyone is going to go to class anyways. Imagine having a night class on Monday night and GOING?