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Pineda Feels So Apologize For His Team

All of your base are belong to us! 

Well I guess we cleared that up. The Yankees have a long, long history of cheating and being very bad at it. From Arod to Clemens to Pettitte to Giambi to Pineda, they’re not only a bunch of cheaters they’re just fucking bad at it. Every time you turn around theres a Yankee either suspended, ejected or sitting before a Grand Jury or some shit. Its just an embarrassment. Its not even the cheating that bothers me, its the stupidity. Its shit like Arod using his full name and paying for illegal drugs with a credit card and shit. Its Roger Clemens sticking needles in his ass in front of like zillions of witnesses. Its Michael Pineda walking out to the mound smeared in Hershey’s syrup like hes a goddam ice cream Sunday. They’re just dumb.

Its not that I think Michael Pineda is some cowardly cheater. I mean I kinda do, but I don’t think he should be suspended for the entire season like Pres. And I don’t think he should be excused for everything and I’m not gonna sit here and talk about David Ortiz cheating because thats neither here nor there.  I just think Pineda’s a fucking idiot. I think anybody who knows baseball knows a little bit of this goes on with every pitcher in the league. Especially on a night like last night. Its just you can’t be a fucking dope like he was. To be honest I don’t really understand why there’s some unspoken rule allowing it – but there most definitely is. But you can tell by Farrell’s reaction that he was just kinda like “well if you’re gonna be a fucking moron about it I gotta call you out.”

Its kinda like someone in a miserable old marriage cheating on their wife or husband. Both people know whats going on and kinda have agreement to let it go on. Probably because you’re doing a little something shady yourself. But you can’t do it right in front of their face. Don’t fuck someone else directly in their bed. Don’t leave the condom on the bedside table. That was Pineda last night. A metaphorical used condom on his neck caught cheating.