Lets Talk About The Iraq and Iran Situation As Barney-Style As Possible

Over the last week the big news has been the United States' attack on Iran, and the potential fall out that could cause in the real world. But on Twitter, everything is going to shit. Depending on who you ask, the WW3 memes have been either hilarious or painfully unfunny. Every government agency and official from the President to the lunch ladies are on twitter searching for those retweets and favs. All the while Iranian news sources are tweeting out videos of American caskets and storming the streets of Tehran. Since this is Barstool SPORTS, we broke down what's going the best we could on today's pod like it was the All-22 of a football game. There's some visual context that could help, so check out the discussion on our Youtube channel if you arent a coward. If you're really brave, shoot that subscribe button with the precision. Get it? Military references.