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Wake Up With The Theme Song From Jeopardy!

Today is the day everyone! That’s right, now that we got those pesky holidays out of the way and flipped the calendar to a whole new year, tonight kicks off the  biggest event of the decade: The infamous triple threat match GOAT tournament on Jeopardy.

We have my guy Big Brain James, former sensation Ken Jennings, and the silent assassin Brad Rutter. I would be embarrassed about how excited I am to watch these three nerds match wits on live TV. However, considering the entire world goes crazy watching grown men play kids games, I suddenly feel less like a loser. To be clear, I am very much still a loser. But I will not feel like as much of one when I run to my TV like this once Johnny says the three most magical words in the game show world, "THIS IS JEOPARDY" followed by maybe the most iconic theme song in television history.