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Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Arrested For Trying To Counterfeit A Winning Lotto Ticket With Glue?

lotto mug shot 1

(source)–After speaking with officials, officers learned that the suspects presented a $100,000 ticket that had been altered by gluing the winning numbers on the ticket that matched the prize. The ticket was signed and presented to the commission for payment.

Odis Latham, 47, and 48-year-old Russell Sparks, both of Columbus, have been charged with conspiracy to commit-felony and uttering counterfeit instrument over $1,000. Latham was also charged with false ID information.

This is one of those situations where we need like permanent sky judge. Just like the NFL with the Bills-Texans game. Just have someone, a civilian, who goes around with the DA or the Sheriff or arresting officers and have them implore a little common sense on the situation. A guy/girl who can look at the people arrested, read that their crime was trying to take fucking rubber cement and trick the State of Mississippi into thinking that they won the $100,000 lottery. Not Mega Millions with photoshop. No, this is basically petty theft by a couple of old guys who don’t even own a computer. Look at them, their methods, and recognize that they aren’t a threat to start the sequel of “Catch Me If You Can”. Just a couple of old dudes who think they can buy the world with 50,000 a piece. That’s all they need. They’re not greedy. They’re also not a threat to anyone with brain power like they. They aren’t hatching anymore schemes. This was it. This was their big plan and when fucking elmers glue didn’t work I think it’s safe to say that they’re done with trying to commit fraud. And yet the State of Mississippi is going to make them stand trial and enter a plea when their attorney should just get up there and say “Your Honor…c’mmmmoooonnnnnn” and have them go on their merry way.