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Can You Imagine If This Scene Was A Boy Kissing An Unconscious Girl Then Telling Her To Shut Up And She Liked It When She Woke Up?



So I was watching The Mindy Project this weekend. Yes, cat is out of the bag, I watch The Mindy Project. It’s on after New Girl and I actually think Mindy Kaling is pretty funny. Anyway, when this scene happened I almost lost my mind. This is straight up rape. Drunk, unconscious dude. Horny chick kissing him then covering his mouth and telling him to shut up and that he liked it. Um, unsolicited kissing much? If this was a dude doing it to a chick the feminists would be going BONKERS right now. But this aired last Tuesday and no one has said a word about the full-on rape that they aired on network television in primetime. Don’t get me wrong, I’m never going to care if a girl kisses me while I’m passed out. Don’t care how ugly she is, if I’m passed out then do your thing girl. When the cashier is away from the register take all the candy you want. But, double standard much?