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Tua Declaring For The Draft Just Confirms That Nick Saban Is Running An Honest Program In Tuscaloosa

Nick Saban is one of the most powerful men on the entire planet. If he wants something, he gets it. So if Nick Saban desperately wanted Tua Tagovailoa to stay at Alabama for one more season, I'm sure they'd be able to round up a couple of boosters and make it financially worth it for Tua. We're talking lots of zeros and a couple of commas. 

And the same goes for if this were any other top program in the nation. If this were any other team, they would have unloaded multiple bags at the Tagovailoa family already. But that's just not the way that Coach Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide operate. This is just a good, clean, honest program that just so happens to be better than pretty much everybody else. There's no need to cheat when you're already the best. 

So instead of cheating to keep Tua Tagovaila in Tuscaloosa for another year, they made sure that he made the best decision for himself. I'm sure that Coach Saban would rather have another year of Tua but is he going to throw his integrity and honor out the window just to make that happen? Not even for one second. So now when everybody wants to cry and complain about the Tide constantly having the best recruiting class every year, I hope you realize it's because Nick Saban is a god, not a bank. 

Thx 4 the mmrs.