Liv Cowherd, Certified Hustler, Is Slinging Socks On The Internet

One of my favorite parts of Twitter is it's always emerging inside jokes/topics. There are so many things that happen on a daily basis on the Twitter platform that the common guy walking down the street wouldn't even begin to understand. 

One of those current trends is Liv Cowherd, Collin Cowherd's daughter who attends ASU. It all started with this simple tweet:

It's led to Liv Cowherd gaining 96,000 followers on Twitter and 35k on Instagram. 

I don't know Liv's relationship with her father, but I think a bit of his hustle have rubbed off on her. One of the jokes about Liv is her dirty socks:

So, to profit off of this, Liv has started selling her own socks:

Somebody bought 64 pairs of them:

A young hustler. You have to respect it. Liv Cowherd belongs to nobody except herself.