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Football Guy of the Week Nominees: CFB Bowl Week 3 and NFL Wild Card Weekend

It’s the start of a New Year, which of course means the postseason. Some Football Guys have crazy routines that they view as normal, and some Football Guys have normal routines that we view as crazy. There’s no room for messing around. Let’s meet our nominees for the first FBGOTW Award in 2020.

Titans HC Mike Vrabel for doing pushups and planks before Saturday’s game vs. New England … and being three wins away from cutting his dick off.

We’ve seen numerous videos of Vrabel getting some exercise in at various stadiums throughout the country, but this week’s edition just meant more . Of course, it was the playoffs. But we’re talking about a former Patriot turned head coach who went into Gillette and beat his former head coach. As for the dick-cutting phenomenon, things are starting to get real.

Basketball guy/recurring guest UCLA HC Mick Cronin for stripping the UCLA letters off the team’s practice uniforms until they looked like UCLA basketball again.

Things were continuing to take a turn south for Coach Cronin and the Bruins, so he took action and stripped the team of its letters. And would you look at what happened next? They go into Washington and upset the Huskies to start Pac-12 play off 1-0.

Baylor HC Matt Rhule for letting out a thick loogie during the Sugar Bowl and letting it sit there.

As someone who is constantly on the wrong side of allergy attacks that come with thick phlegm, the loogies can get out of hand at times. But Coach Rhule has bigger things to worry about than where his snot turned into spit ends up. Now, the real question is whether or not the NFL teams interviewing him this week will either credit or fault him for that performance.

Ohio HC Frank Solich for getting doused in a french fry shower after winning the Idaho Potato Bowl, and eating some of the fries.

This right here, folks, is what makes bowl season the glorious stretch of college football that it is. We saw a similar chain of events with the Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl, but something about winning the Potato Bowl and taking fries to the head is just amazing. All of this happening on the blue field is just the icing on the cake.