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Who Referees The Referees? Apparently, It's This Guy

What an outright debacle to start the second half. Standard kick return, touchback, ESPN trying to throw it to the sideline reporter for a story most people aren’t listening to because we’re all addicted to our phones. Good times had by all. And then: chaos. Complete and utter chaos. Touchdown Bills? But the Bills just kicked off. That doesn’t make any sense. And it didn’t. Booger and Joe were ready to break out the Oxford dictionary to define common sense for the entire nation. And that’s when our protagonist came out of the clouds to save the day.


Who is this masked hero? This Dark Knight? This over-watcher and protector of the sanctity of the NFL? Honest to God when they cut to the first shot he was in I thought it was Bill O’Brien pleading for his life. Turns out it was just Goodell’s skynet.

Which really only leads to more questions than answers. Where the fuck has this guy been in the past? Can he just insert himself whenever he wants? They showed there are three of these suckers on the sideline right now, just waiting to pounce at a moment’s notice and tell these dumbass refs to use their brains every once in a while. Which makes sense, I just don’t understand how we don’t see this guy roughly 20 times a game. Like if this is the new NFL this black coated man is about to become the most well known figure in the entire league.

Also, as with everything else in life: karma had something to say about all of this.