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The Start of Patriots Hype Video Season Takes You Into Wild Card Weekend

The Patriots Playoff Hype video a familiar formula by now. Your classic storytelling structure. The somber first act, with plaintive acoustic guitar music and voiceovers from the doubters. A middle act filled with the struggles of a long season and slow motion footage of a forlorn looking Tom Brady. And then a third act of hope, triumph and, well... hype. It feels a little weird to have to rush these out for the first week of the playoffs. Usually these Hype Video Scorceses have extra days to edit them. But the results are still there. 

So bravo to that one. And to this mashup of new Christopher Nolan trailer, which is my worlds colliding:

And this "Rise of Skywalker" is great if, for no other reason, it doesn't have people with the Force swiping necklaces off each other's necks from across the galaxy, the Millennium Falcon - which takes off and lands vertically crashing like a jet and has 1:16 less of Rose Tico than the movie did. 

I'm not always the biggest fan of the song parody because 99% of them feel way too "Morning Zoo." But this "Jimmy Eat World" one works about as well as any you'll see:

Another one, mashed up with the theme of "Avengers: Endgame," though without the dialogue:

A couple of music video style ones:

And this one, inspired by Kyle Van Noy saying these playoffs are a Revenge Tour:

I might've preferred one inspired by Elandon Roberts' "Run Through a Muthafucka's Face," but I know YouTube has changed the algorithm so maybe you can't.

Anyway, good work once again, internet. Keep these coming for the Kansas City game.