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Barstool DVR: Game Of Thrones And The Best TV Deaths

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Big episode this week for Barstool DVR. Major turn of events in Game of Thrones which brought all the “Book Is Better Than The Movie” assholes to the forefront. Can’t even begin to describe how much I hate these people. And its not that I hate people that read books. I’m not a Nazi. Its not that I even hate people who may, in fact, think that sometimes a book is better than a movie. Its that I hate people who can’t recognize that they sound like a fucking high horse asshole when a bunch of people are talking about their favorite TV show and they have to be the dick chiming in about their book. Its a persona that goes along with the opinion. You want everyone to know you read the book and its like you look down upon TVs or movies because of it.

So, we discuss those assholes and the Game of Thrones books vs series. All the most memorable TV deaths from the best series, and I weigh in quickly on Fargo, Turn and Silicon Valley. House of Cards episode is next on the schedule

NOTE: This podcast obviously contains spoilers. We talk about people dying in Thrones, Breaking Bad, the Wire, The Sopranos, Sons of Anarchy, 24, Lost etc etc. Don’t cry to me.