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Wake Up With One Of The Best MLB Commercials Ever. Chicks Dig The Longball.
Classic commercial, absolutely one of the best. Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux both in awe of the attention that Mark McGwire is getting as he hits moonshot after moonshot. Ladies are flocking to him in packs. Naturally the 2 Cy Young winners go out and try to do everything that McGwire does to make himself all big and strong, well hopefully not everything. By the end of the commercial Tommy boy is smacking balls all over the place, but in the end, Heather Locklear still just wants McGwire.
I wish some team would remake this commercial, it's the least we could do in todays age. Seriously, how has Nike not throwing this idea to MLB. Get creative for me onetime and remake this masterpiece. Nike has their swoosh on the jerseys now, midas whale remake this and kick start your marketing program. That one is free, Nike. Next one will cost you.