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The Ref In The Michigan State/Illinois Game Is Either The Worst Ref Ever Or Was On Michigan State -5.5. There Needs To Be An Investigation

I'm not one to exaggerate but this is an absolutely horrendous call that needs an investigation. First, yes, Illinois is dumb as shit for even daring to take a charge here with how bad the refs were in the first half. But look at the ref. He waits until the shot is missed to call the foul. Why? He's staring right at it! That shit needs to be called right away. But then you remember the first half line was Michigan State -5.5 and it makes even fishier. Second, how do you miss this call? Again, you're staring right at it. College refs fucking love calling charges and now you call a block. There are only two options here. This is the worst ref in all of refs or he (or someone he knows) is on MSU -5.5 in the first half. I demand Marty Mush opens an investigation into this immediately.