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Louisville's Dwayne Sutton Guaranteed A Win Over UK - So Coach Cal Showed It To His Team Right Before The Game And Now Shared That Video With The World #LsDown

Oh this is just a perfect way to start the new year. Kentucky basketball releases its 'Journey' video series and recapping the win over Louisville - something that everyone should watch because, well, fuck little brother. But this is just perfect Coach Cal. There is absolutely no one in the country better at using something to motivate his team. Then there's no one better at making sure the entire world knows he saw this and used it for motivation. 

I don't know why teams keep guaranteeing wins over Kentucky. Louisville can't beat Kentucky, seems pretty dumb to guarantee one. There was the infamous Daxter Miles and WVU guaranteeing a win over Kentucky in the Sweet 16. What happened there? 

Honestly, I'm glad this video just came out too. I'm glad Kentucky waited to do all the editing and release it to give us something to talk about today. I didn't want that buried with college football playoffs going on. I want everyone to remember that Kentucky flustered NPOY candidate Jordan Nwora so bad he looked like the 10th best player on the court. I want everyone to remember that Tyrese Maxey took the game over when he had to. I want everyone to remember what a difference Nick Richards was in the post. More importantly, I want everyone to remember that Coach Cal is going to use motivation at all times and release it to the world.