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Derek Jeter Meets The Parents

Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis make a morning coffee run to Starbucks in New York City

NY Post – Things are getting serious between Derek Jeter and girlfriend Hannah Davis since the two rekindled their relationship after a short break. The retiring Yankee stud and the Virgin Islands-born model were spotted on a double date Monday night with her parents, Debi and Conn Davis Sr., at West Village hot spot The Lion. Spies said the two couples had a “lovely time” and split a bottle of red wine with dinner. Afterward, Jeter, who will hang up his cleats at the end of the season, posed for a photo with another young couple who spotted him walk in and then waited for hours for him to walk out to snag a pic. We’re told the two skulking fans apologized to Lion staffers for loitering, explaining, “Hey, it’s Derek Jeter and it’s his last year in a Yankee uniform.” Jeter and Davis — who’s appeared in ads for Ralph Lauren and Victoria’s Secret, as well as in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue — briefly split this year. But she was spotted watching the Yankees home opener April 7 from a box with Jeter’s parents, Dorothy and Charles, and his agent Casey Close.

What is Jeets, like, 5 years younger than her parents? He probably hit it off with her Dad considering they basically grew up in the same era. Probably has a shit ton more in common with them than he does Hannah Davis.

We talked about this previously on KFC Radio, but Hannah Davis is in the Pole Position for the Derek Jeter Sweepstakes. We’re coming down the stretch here and she’s ahead of the pack by at least 3 lengths. The finish line is in sight – Jeter is almost done with baseball and ready to retire from running through broads in ever city from here to Oakland. Ready to start a family and live a life of private lavish wealth. Hannah Davis is the Number 1 Contender to do all that with Jeter. She’s young enough, she’s hot enough, and she’s under the radar enough. And her first order of business should be putting a hit out on Minka Kelly.

I’ve always felt like Minka Kelly was The One for Jeter but shit just didn’t work out because Jeter is like a wild animal that can’t be caged. But now that he’s willing to be domesticated Minka has gotta be creeping up in the back of his mind. Thats a flame that was never fully extinguished. So if Hannah Davis is smart she’ll have Minka Kelly whacked. Hire a contract killer to take her out or at least maim her and make her ugly so that she stands alone to become Queen of Baseball. This is some Game of Thrones shit, folks. No mercy.