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Norway's Military Recruiting Videos Make Me Wanna Scale A Mountain Or Two

Look at that shit, man. Fucking Norway. Nothing happens in Norway. Why would it? It looks like heaven on Earth. Beautiful people just hanging out in the mountains and eating school bread and various types of fish and reindeer that are all sourced from local mountains and seas. Just doesn't get better. 

They have no real enemies because people see a great majority of folks who live there and just get horny. You cant commit acts of war on people who make you horny. Guys. Ladies. Nearly everyone there is hot as shit and it good shape with thick asses. Try having a weak ass on the slopes, my good bitch. It wont work. You gotta haul in all types of firewood and row your little boat which gives you dynamite traps and tris. 

And now they have fighter jets too. 52 new ones. That's just not fair. 

Imagine being at a bar and some hot Norwegian dude comes walking in wearing a flight suit and flight helmet. He takes it off and his blonde hair comes flowing out. He opens his eyes and they are as blue as the glacial waters falling from Norway's highest peak. He says, "Hey, Jakob. I'll have the usual."

He begins sucking down a tallboy (beer) and you lick your lips. 

Nothing wrong with that. You are powerless against a Norwegian pilot. We all are. 

PS. Norway's people get stationed in beautiful spots meanwhile our Marines are in Yuma, Arizona and Cherry Point, North Carolina. Doesn't seem right. 

Here's another video of theirs. So bad ass.