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I Need A TaxSlayer Gator Bowl Victory in the Worst Way

I gotta be honest, 2020 is not off to an awesome start for me.

The Nashville Predators — in grave danger of missing the playoffs — got up 2-0 in the Winter Classic before pulling their usual bullshit and losing 4-2. Tennessee basketball is coming off a 68-48 home loss to Wisconsin and has lost three of its last four games for the first time since February 2017. The Atlanta Falcons ironically screwed themselves by *winning* their last four games and deciding to keep Dan Quinn.

In what would have been considered ludicrous in September, Tennessee Volunteers football is all I have left for which to hope. I need this bowl win more than I've needed anything in quite some time. A loss to Indiana with eight months to dwell on it would send me into a tailspin.

However, ending the season on a six-game winning streak would have me giddy as a schoolgirl and give me something to look forward to as we enter the cold, dark period which is the college football offseason. But we just can't lose to Indiana. I understand the Hoosiers are a solid team this year, but when Tennessee and Indiana meet on the football field, the Vols simply cannot lose that game.

So may Marquez Callaway catch every 50/50 ball, Henry To'o To'o make every tackle for loss and Eric Gray run all over the Hoosier defense. May Jeremy Pruitt and Jim Chaney out-coach and out-scheme the Indiana coaching staff. And may we all feel an immense pride and joy as our Volunteers end 2019 and begin 2020 with a Gator Bowl victory to put us back on track. And all God's people said, "Amen."

Go Vols. Beat Indiana.