BREAKING MOOS: The PLL's Newest Expansion Team Has Been Named. Introducing Waterdogs LC

Day 1 of 2020 and the sport of lacrosse is already dominating the news. Can you say "SPORT OF THE GOSH DARN HECKIN' FUTURE"???

Listen. I know that I'm a well-respected member of the media. I understand that it is my duty to remain neutral and unbiased. I'm not a fan, I'm a journalist. Basically the most important job on the planet, mind you. But with all that being said, I'm all in on the Waterdogs. The other 6 PLL teams can all suck it. Oh what's that, Whipsnakes? You think you're hot shit just because you won the inaugural Crown? Well have fun winning the easiest championship in PLL history because next year you have to go up against Waterdogs LC and they are going to rip your damn faces off. 

The Atlas? Pretty sure that's just a fancy name for a map or something. Chrome LC? What are we? 12 year olds stealing valve caps off of car tires? Redwoods? Way too close to Redskins for my comfort, and we don't say that anymore. The Archers? You're just really big fans of a cartoon? Chaos? I mean that's kind of a cool name but how do you even have a mascot for chaos? 

Speaking of mascots, the Waterdogs are now the only PLL team which would make sense to have a live mascot at all the games. It sucks because the season is in the summer and bulldogs don't typically do too well in the heat. But if they would ever like to hire Maizie and provide her with an ice bath to lounge in each week, I'd be more than welcome to the idea. Welcome to the new wave. 

P.S. - The original 6 PLL teams all have until January 13th to submit their protected players list for the expansion draft. Each team can protect 1 goalie and 10 positional players. After that, the Waterdogs will select 18 players in the expansion draft, but you can't choose more than 4 from any team. Go Dawgs.