Matthew McConaughey Sends Us Into 2020 With The Best New Years Inspiration

I don't entirely know what Matthew McConaughey meant here, but I do know that it will help you and I move forward into the next decade better than we ever thought. I don't know much, but I do know that when McConaughey starts talking as he stares off into the distance, you better listen. Whether it's in Interstellar, the Lincoln Lawyer (the underrated movie of the decade), a Lincoln car commercial, or just in his house, the man has something to say that will guide you. There will never be anyone cooler to grace their presence on this planet than that man. 

His Oscars speech will never be beaten in my mind. 

So with that I send you into the 2020s in the best possible position. The king has spoken. Do as he says. Just as soon as you decipher what he said, you let me know too. Deal? Deal. Happy New Year. 

P.S. I think this means we have to bet Texas tonight?