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WOW....John Dorsey Is OUT As The Cleveland Browns GM

"John Dorsey has put together the most talented roster in Cleveland Browns history! Let's get rid of him!!!!"

I mean, what are we doing here, folks? The Cleveland Browns are the gift that just keeps on giving. At no point in my 26 year life have the Browns ever once even been mistaken for an organization that knew what was going on, and that sure as hell doesn't seem like it's changing today. "Parting ways" with John Dorsey. What else do we want from a GM? He constructed a roster talented enough to win right now. It was our fat stupid fat coach that couldn't get them to win. That's why we fired HIM. But what has Dorsey done wrong?

Since 2017, Dorsey has acquired Baker, OBJ, Chubb, Jarvis, and Oliver Vernon. The man gets us talented players. We just need a head coach with a working brain!! But the Browns asked Dorsey to take a diminished role today, and he obivously said no, leading to this parting of ways. I wish the Browns would just part ways with me.

Jimmy and Dee Haslam have now fired 5 head coaches, 5 general managers, 2 team presidents, and gone 32-88-1. I mean, how can an organization be so inept? Why would anyone in their right mind ever want to work here? Well, except the fact that we pay people for 5 years, fire them after 2, and give them millions to sit on their butt for the next 3. You can add John Dorsey to the long line of GMs and coaches that the Browns are now paying not to work right now. The man had two years left on his contract! Did we really HAVE to get rid of him today?

..........but with all of that being said. You know what firing the GM means.......

Yessir!!! That's right buddy boy! Josh McDaniels is coming home and he's bringing the front office of the New England Patriots with him. I hope the Pats continue this embarrassing collapse they're on again this week in the playoffs. Nothing would be off the table then. Does Belichick come with McDaniels? Does he try to put that final touch on his resume by winning in Cleveland? McDaniels head coach, Belichick GM. I don't hate it. And before all you dumb New England fans tell me how unrealistic that is, how realistic was it that the Dolphins kept you guys from getting a Bye this past week? Never say never!

In all honesty though, this parting ways with Dorsey has to mean McDaniels is next up, right? We wouldn't do this unless we knew we had that. Right? RIGHT?? Actually wait, it's the Browns. We probably have no clue where we're going from here.