A Major Break in the Adam Gase Burner Account Mystery Points to the Jets PR Department

Adam Gase eyes

First of all, a massive outpouring of gratitude is in order to KFC for doing the impossible. The heavy lifting he did digging into “The Mystery of the @Wyattv18 Burner Account” has actually made the end of the 2019 Jets season not only interesting, but fascinating. Maybe even my favorite Twitter mystery of all time.

And the only thing I like better than a good mystery is the old trope where two competing agencies realize they’re after the same thing and agree to work together to their mutual benefit. Like Ethan Hunt’s IMF team teaming up with British Intelligence.. The Kingsman working with the CIA. James Bond pairing up with the hot Russian agent in between bone sessions. Or Scooby Doo and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Solving capers makes strange bedfellows. In this case, a long suffering Jets fan and a Patriots writer who share a common interest: Getting to the bottom of this @Wyattv18 caper. And on that note, I think the internet has provided us with a solid lead.

Full credit where it’s due to Twitter sleuth @DannyBagZ for checking the recovery data on the account in question and digging up this clue:

Gase 1

And then cross referencing it with people on the Jets PR staff:

*Takes off  glasses and leans into the screen.* “I’m in…”

“Looks like we’ve got a match …”

Gase 2Gase 3

“The call … It’s coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!”

Does this definitely prove that Jets Communications Intern Victoria Monica of UCF is the person behind the fake Adam Gase burner account? No. But if not, it’s a hell of a coincidence that someone on their very small PR staff has email fingerprints that match the ones that are all over the account.

I cannot stress this enough: I don’t believe this person is guilty of anything other than doing her job. Of doing what she was directed to do. You’ll never hear me call her out nor should anyone else. The important takeaway is that this entire crime appears to have been perpetrated by the Jets organization. Whether the kingpin calling the shots was ownership or Adam Gase himself, remains to be seen.

Unless somehow Manish Mehta signed up for an email account meant to look like a member of the Jets Communications staff, just to throw us off his trail. Like using scotch tape to lift someone’s fingerprints and then putting them at the crime scene. That would be some Moriarty-level advanced planning and an incredible plot twist. But with this particular mystery, I wouldn’t put anything past anyone.

Thanks again, KFC. And thanks, Jets. This is the most fun anyone’s provided this Patriots fan all week.