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Drake is still at "War" with Kanye West


Me: On Christmas Eve,  Aubrey Drake Graham released his fourth single of 2019 titled, “War.” In this cold, dark track fit for winter, Drizzy Drake gets in his international bag, mimicking a UK drill flow, featuring bars fueled by his ongoing beef with Kanye West. Well, at this point, if we’re paying attention, it’s clear Drake has officially upgraded he and West’s beef to a full-fledged war.

In this war between Drake and Kanye, we as fans are forced to pick sides. Like Drake, I grew up on old Kanye. I’m talking College Dropout, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” Kanye. And I LOVED the old Kanye. But in this hip-hop civil war, just call me Major OVO Brandon. I’m a soldier in the Army of Aubrey, and I’m here to break down our latest attack on Kim Kardashian’s husband.

Drake’s three-minute music video “War,” was Christmas Day’s #1 trending video on YouTube. It features Drake and his OVO crew getting gully at a Toronto ski lodge in what appears to be a celebration of both Memphis, Tennessee level grit and Johnny Tsunami level privilege.  The video, directed by longtime OVO photographer Theo Skudra, is straight out of a Rocket Power fan’s fever dream. A Winter Wonderland excursion filled with snowmobiles, ski lifts, snowboards and of course, legal weed. While the views from the 6 are beautiful, the bars are aggressive and aimed squarely at Kanye’s “head top.” Check the video out now:

Ignore the fact that you didn’t understand half the heavy Toronto references and Jamaican nicknames on this track.  Much like his verse in “Sicko Mode” and the first half of his double album Scorpion, Drake is dead-set on creating art and bullying Kanye over beats simultaneously. In “War” Drake addresses Kanye West about 50 seconds into the track. Let’s do a quick lyrical breakdown you won’t find on

Used to look up to a man from certain ends with tune on repeat (1)
Thought he was a bad boy, then 'til man got pinched and man went PC (2)
Man went PC just like Dell and Windows, some man been those (3)
Before I was ever around Kendall's, I was at ends though, dreamin' up Enzo’s (4)

(1) While Drake was addressing his Kanye beef in a 2-hour long interview he said “with the exception of Lil Wayne… Kanye West would be my favorite artist.” Drake isn’t ashamed to admit that he’s always looked up to Kanye.
(2) Drake had beef and a physical altercation with Diddy back in the day, so the use of “bad boy” here is a double entendre shot at both Kanye and Diddy. This bar can also be translated as “I thought Kanye was a cool guy, then he went bankrupt and to get out of debt, he started making gospel music."
(3) He’s suggesting Kanye is playing it safe but also obsolete and lame like users of Dell and Windows computers. Also those companies’ logos are shaped like squares therefore Drake is also claiming Kanye is a square aka a lame.

(4) Finally, Drake mentions Kanye’s sister-and-law Kendall Jenner to stunt about living near the Kardashians and hanging out with models. The name drop just proves those last few bars were directed at Mr. West.

If you were looking for more aggressive bars, please see Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” or his hit song “Nonstop.” Both are tracks showcasing Drizzy’s animosity towards Kanye, but how much clearer could the rapper from Canada be?

To all of you who are sitting there thinking, “Why am I reading this? Who even cares about Drake?” According to Spotify, you do. We all do. The digital streaming platform named Drake the most-streamed artist of the decade with 28 billion total streams. 

After 10 years of dominance, America’s guiltiest pleasure is expected to drop his sixth studio album in 2020. I know we will have to sift through our fearless leader’s forced accents and his inevitable hit pop song, but relish in all the shade heading Kanye’s way. To the quiet minority still defending Kanye West, this war is just getting started. Toronto vs Calabasas. North vs West. Checks vs Stripes.

Who’s joining Drake and me on the right side of (hip-hop) history?