BSC 2019 Top 20 Countdown - #10 Bears vs. Packers FanDuel Live Stream

This is the 11th entry in the Barstool Chicago Top 20 Moments of 2019 blog series. The list is coming from our perspective as 4 dudes who got the job of a lifetime exactly one year ago.  

We covered this list in person at the December 20th live show. We're following it up on our podcasts to close out the year under following schedule: 

#20-16: Red Line Radio 12/23

#15-11: Dog Walk 12/23

#10-6: Red Line Radio 12/30 

#5-1: Dog Walk 12/30

#20 Eddie & Pres In Vegas 

#19 Miller Lite Sailboat

#10 Bears vs. Packers FanDuel Live Stream

HQ dragged us out to NY for opening night of the NFL season even though it was a home game and I am currently staring at Soldier Field on my couch. The scoreboard is on but looks like they're just running test graphics. It's pretty fucking depressing there's no meaningful football there for another 8 months. 

Anyways, HQ dragged us out and the whole trip sucked balls. The Bears lost 10-3 on primetime. Eddie lost a $25,000 bet for Pres then had to sit there with the briefcase all night.

Then got called a loser by this guy

Then we went home and the whole thing sucked but at the same time it didn't because it was the first time HQ brought us out and did some organic programming around us. For most of the year we just assumed everyone forgot about us until WSD bombed on a minor league scouting report or Eddie bought a new couch. Turns out they were willing to give us a platform for our Chicago Bears and be assholes on the livestream. All we needed was a decent football team. 

At least I held up my end of the bargain: 

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