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Jimmy Fallon Buying Rounds Of Shots At The Bar

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Click here for video since the Post insists on being the only people on the planet who use “Tout” as their video player

Page SixJimmy Fallon wasn’t about to let a little bar brawl scare him away from his favorite after-work pastime: Drinking beer at rowdy taverns. Just one day after narrowly escaping a fracas at the East Village bar Niagara on Thursday night, Fallon was partying at a Chelsea bar Friday and into the wee hours Saturday.= “Let’s go!” the Tonight Show host shouts, waving his arm above his head as a jukebox blasts “Runaround Sue.” “Shots for everyone!”  “He knows the owner of the bar,” our spy, Richie Alexander, explains of why Fallon was behind the bar. “I tried to buy him a shot, but he says he doesn’t do shots, so I bought him a beer,” said Alexander, who captured Fallon’s antics on video. “I guess so many other people were offering to buy him a shot, that he just bought the whole bar a shot of vodka.” Alexander, 23, of Williamsburg, says he had such a good time he can’t quite remember what bar it was. “We just walked in off the street,” he explained. “It was somewhere around 23rd and 10th.” Let’s go! Shots for everybody!

Nothing too crazy here – just a quick video of Fallon out somewhere in the Chelsea/Flatiron area. Looks like a fuckin blast to be pumping Run Around Sue while getting blacked with Jimmy Fallon. Gotta tip your cap to this dude with everything he’s done. Hes gone from the Dude Who Always Laughed During His SNL Skits to the star of Late Night Television. Completely rejuvenated and almost reinvented the Tonight show. He’s every major celebrities favorite host. Performs like he’s a musician, parties like he’s a rock star. If I had to choose 1 life to switch with I would genuinely put Fallon at the top of the list these days.