Justin Bieber's Celly Game Is On Another Level

Not sure how many scouts were in the stands for this random pickup game but if any were, you can bet your sweet ass that the Biebs had a contract to sign the moment he stepped off the ice after this one. 

So many people can score goals in hockey. It happens in pretty much every single game that has ever been played. This goal here was actually pretty saucy--fake slapper, pull it to the backhand, stuff it top bunk right over the goalie's glove. But at any given ice rink on the planet on any given day, there's a chance to see another goal like that getting scored. What you won't see, however, is a celly this strong, over-the-top, and downright disrespectful. 

Drop to a knee, drag the ice, combo it into a ballerina 1080 and finish it off with the figure skating left lift. That right there is a celly that says two things. 1) "I'm better than everybody else out here and I know it". And 2) "I dare somebody to come out on the next shift and put me through the glass". 

And the most disrespectful part of this celly is that he kept it going in front of his own bench. I mean I get wanting to celly right in the face of all those sorry suckers on the opposing bench, just to rub it in. But when you hit your own bench, that's when you go down the line for knucks with the boys. He just left his own dudes hanging there. You can tell that Biebs cares a helluva lot more about the name on the back of his jersey as opposed to the one on the front, but I guess sometimes you have to be a little selfish to become the best player in the world.