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Knicks Officially Eliminated From Postseason Contention - Relive The Dumpster Fire With The 2013-2014 Knicks One Shining Moment

The dumpster fire has been extinguished. The Knicks are officially out of post season contention. And considering they were coming off a 54 win season as a 2 seed, with an elite top tier player, in maybe the weakest Eastern Conference in NBA history, this is the most disappointing Knicks season ever. On paper there have been worse seasons. At individual moments the team may have sunk to lower lows. But when considering all the circumstances – with the icing on top being no draft picks – it really doesn’t get any worse than this. There’s a couple silver linings – Phil Jackson coming aboard and, barring any stupid moves, a boatload of cap space after next season. But as far as this year and the performance on the court its one of the biggest let downs in franchise history. Double digit losing streaks and 50 point blowouts. Fat out of shape players. Injuries, turmoil, incompetence. Gun charges. Shoe tying scandals. Just an all out abortion of a season.

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