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How Are The Yankees After 10 Games?



So here we are 10 games into 2014 and we have to ask the question, is this team any good? In short, yes this is a good team but not yet a great team, but can get there. So far our starters are doing a pretty decent job of keeping us in games and with the question marks we had in the rotation going into spring training, what more can you ask for? I think over time we’ll see the rotation flip with guys like Pineda and Tanaka at the top, and CC dropping to the bottom but not being a total waste for us. This isn’t ideal based on the money we’re paying him, but the contract is already signed and he chose to not spend all of the money on Captain Crunch.

Our lineup is still finding it’s way with contributions from young guys like Solarte and last night by Dean Anna, but at the end of the day, we need the big guys, making the big bucks, to come up big in the clutch. Tex going down is a huge blow on paper, but realistically, I didn’t see much coming form him besides excuses about his wrist, so if Kelly Johnson and Cervelli want to step up and can get on base without being a huge whole in the field, more power to them. But let’s remember, we still have trade pieces and the trade deadline isn’t for quiet some time to bump up a corner infield spot or to help our shaky bullpen.

Other Yankee Notes

– Robertson going down with an injury is clearly a blow to an already rough looking bullpen, but the bigger issue is that this is twice he has been given the spot and gotten injured right away. When Mariano went down in 2012 Robertson was sidelined and lost the spot to Soriano, so we really need to hope this is a fluke. If he can’t stay healthy in that role, he will be moved back to the 8th and someone else has to take the 9th.

– I think Solarte is the real deal. S0 far he is batting almost .400 after appearing in 9 games but most importantly he’s hustling is his ass off out there and having a great time doing it. His swing is brute force just like Reggie used to be in the 70’s, and sometimes he even drops down to one knee like Mr. October does.

– Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about Pineda’s hand. Dude said it was dirt on sweat, everyone playing said they didn’t see it, and the Red Sox say they didn’t care. It seems the only people who cared were ESPN and Barstool Boston, who seem to have no problem when their guys are accused of greasing up the ball in the world series or Clay Buchholz comes our with more oil in his hair than Brett Hart. If it was pine tar, that is to give some more grip and everyone does it. If the umpire catches you with pine tar for grip in an excessive amount you aren’t even thrown out of the game, it’s just a warning. At the end of the day, sox fans need to take some of the Vaseline out of Buchholz’s hair and put it somewhere else, so they’ll stop being so butt hurt.