This Guy Sucks

Alright I'm not trying to disrespect anyone here, especially on a Saturday and especially when I got a bakers dozen great tasting less fillings rolling like the ancient rivers of Babylon. But at the same time I almost puked all over myself and it's because this guy totally fucking sucks at pitching. It's called arc bro ever hear of it? Ever hear of a little thing called finesse? Or do you just roll into the bedroom blasting clits like a rock em sock em robot? Either way I'm here to say good fucking luck getting 48mph past my shoulders with that weak ass shit. Especially when everyone knows you're a huge pussy because you're wearing a glove and throwing a clincher. Where I'm from you get your ass kicked for pulling a move like that, but not before giving up 15 in the first inning because you absolutely fucking suck at pitching. No wonder your wife left you.