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Wake Up With Martin Maldonado Literally Hitting The Cover Off The Baseball
Good morning, friends. I hope you all are fat and happy from Christmas yesterday. Maybe some of you got weights, now imagine you lifting so many weights that when you hit a pitch you literally rip the cover off of the ball. Martin Maldonado did that back in 2014 with the Brewers. Maybe he didn't actually hit it that hard where the ball basically exploded, but he hit it just right and that caused some of the seams to rip and the ball to just die. Pedro Alvarez is at third and fields it cleanly, comes up to throw, and it looks like he gets bit by something in his glove. He throws it anyways, and man does that ball just flutter. You can see the leather just flapping in the wind. Maldonado beats the throw and is safe at first, and thats the end of that. Kind of funny how the first baseball is just waiting and waiting for the ball to arrive, and when it does he just stares at it. Kind of strange we don't see this more often in baseball. Still a wild play here, not something you see very often.