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Turns Out The Wife Of The Dude Who Was Pissed About The Nursing Home Strippers Was There Snapping Pictures Of His Mom Getting A Lap Dance

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NY Post - Franklin Youngblood insists that the staff organized the beefcake extravaganza for their own “perverse pleasure.” On Tuesday, he rolled his elderly mom before news cameras to insist that she was degraded by the home. With a shaky voice, she said she suffered “shame” from being part of the stripper hoedown. “None of you all would want this to happen to your parents,” her son insisted. “I grabbed this picture, pulled it out — the minute I seen the picture I just exploded.” The Youngblood family, however, may have trouble explaining why Franklin’s wife attended the event and was photographed sitting next to Bernice.  “If Mr. Youngblood wants to sue anybody, he should be suing his own wife,” said Fensterman. Franklin Youngblood dismissed his wife’s strip-show cameo as irrelevant. “Regardless of whoever’s in that picture — it’s wrong,” he said. His attorney, John Ray, added: “This is not a laughing matter. What occurred here it was not a Gen X bachelorette party. These are elderly Americans who live here in dignity.”

Yesterdays blog about Mama Bernice loving stripper dick

You gotta know when to hold em, and know when to fold em. Franklin Youngblood needs to fold em. I know its hard to think about your 85 year old mama loving dick in her face. I know you want to believe she wouldn’t partake in that. But she did. And so did your wife. And they took pictures of it. And they loved every second of it. It is what it is, man. Cut the dramatics, drop this lawsuit, and just admit that Bernice Youngblood is a woman with natural desires and cravings. He’s probably gonna end up sending her to her grave with all this drama. Old people can’t handle this shit. Let her live out her Golden Years like shes one of those chicks in the videos before you kill her.

UPDATE – Just saw Feitelberg’s blog about Franklin Youngblood’s lawyers:

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Bro should definitely throw in the towel on this lawsuit if this is who is repping him. Forget about the fact that your mom loves dick and just recognize you hired lawyers who dress up like they’re going to a Pimps and Hos theme party in college.