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Wake Up On Christmas Morning With Royals Prospect, Brady Singer Paying Off His Parents Debt For Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you got everything you wanted. What better way to wake up on this day than with former Florida Gator star, and Royals 2018 First Round Draft Pick, Brady Singer, surprising his parents on Christmas morning in 2018 by telling them that he has paid off all of their outstanding debts with his new $4.25 million contract. Being able to do that for your parents who have gone to hundreds, if not thousands of games for you, must be the best feeling in the world. They were the ones driving you and your idiot friends to the games and practices when you were young, and now they have been paid back with a huge token of appreciation. Regardless of the situation, wiping out any and all of your parents debt is the most baller thing you could do on a day like Christmas. Hell of a present from Brady.

PS. You may remember him from this viral clip where he FREAKED OUT that the Gators had a rain delay while he was on the mound. Give me 5 Brady Singers any day. I’d go to war with those psychos.

Merry Christmas, and Happy Hanukkah everyone.