Kevin Spacey Just Put Out Another Weird-As-Fuck Christmas Eve Video

2018 Christmas Eve

So I guess this is a new Christmas Eve tradition? Kevin Spacey putting out weird-as-fuck videos to unsettle everyone as they’re about to sit down with their families? The new one is for sure strange but nothing will ever be weirder than the original. For those that don’t remember, Spacey was facing sexual assault charges (charges that have since been dropped) and the first statement he made was on Christmas Eve with a video of him as Frank Underwood. It was so strange that I forget it’s a real thing that happened.

It was almost as weird as the time Spacey tried to deflect from sexual assault allegations by coming out as gay in what has to be the most bizarre press release EVER

Basically what I’m trying to say is that Kevin Spacey is one weird mother fucker and I’m already not looking forward to next Christmas Eve when he creep us out all over again. Also I’m pretty sure he threatened to kill all of us in that latest one. Yeesh.