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I Now Understand How People Are Browns Fans

We get a lot of videos sent to us of people drinking. Sometimes it’s just one beer, nothing funny or unusual about it, coupled with a comment that says something along the lines of, “Post this pussy it’s funnier than 99% of the shit you post.” It’s great. Fun times had by all. But rarely do we see a tour de force of consumption like this. If I didn’t know any better I’d say this man had a coma wish. Not a full fledged death wish but certainly a couple consecutive weeks of uninterrupted sleep.

What’s great about this kid is this is his regular Sunday morning. You can tell because whoever was recording this had the time stamps ready to go from sip one. They knew what was about to happen before it even happened. That bottle of rumple minze didn’t stand a chance. That White Claw was the closest thing to water he’s ingested in decades. If the Browns played with the level of moxie and passion as their fans had for blacking out long before the game started they’d go 16-0 every year. The fans wouldn’t even know they were 16-0 due to the aforementioned alcoholism but when they awoke from their drunken stupor in mid-March they’d be pleasantly surprised.