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Everybody was freaking out this week after me Feits and Big Cat did the Barstool Rundown. Acting like the Stoolie Voicemails show was gone forever because the 3 of us did one 8 minute recap video. Everybody just CALM DOWN. KEEP YOUR COMPOSURE. Contrary to popular belief you can do more than one show. Pres ignored the idea of a Google Hangout show for about 2 years but now that he’s finally on board, that doesn’t mean we’re going anywhere. And I guarantee a year from now when he invents a Barstool podcast you’ll all wonder if MailTime and Barstool DVR and all that other shit is going anywhere and the answer will always be no. I’ll keep doing what I’m doing while moving on to the next idea setting myself up to be cuckholded by Old Man Portnoy.

I will always be here to answer your questions about bullying midgets and showing your mother your internet porn history. I will always talk about slacking off at work and hating your job. And of course poop. We’ll always talk about poop.