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Hot 97 Personality And Husband Of New Mets Host Alexa Datt None Too Pleased With Her New Found Popularity

Remember Alexa Datt? I blogged about her on Opening Day. New in game host for the Mets games and the exact sort of smoke SNY reporter Mets fans have been looking for. Well turns out she’s married to Rosenberg from Hot 97. And turns out he was none too pleased with Alexa appearing on Barstool. Specifically the animals in the comments section. Can’t say I blame him. You monogoloids are the worst.

You gotta feel for the guy. Obviously he’s just kinda bustin balls and being a good sport about his wife blowin up, but at the same time it also has gotta suck. Dudes chirping at her on twitter and anonymous idiots saying they like her boobs and stuff. Flattering, for sure. Better than having an ugly wife, no doubt. But definitely not an enviable situation when creeps like the Barstool Sports comments section are drooling over her.

So I guess this is my apology, Rosenberg. My bad man. I guess its the price you pay for marrying a smoke who has ambition and talent and all that other shit. Also, if you’re reading this, don’t expect the comments to get any better.