The Dallas Is Going Down Guy Is Very Much Alive And Now He is Threatening Tom Brady

Has there been a bigger comeback in 2019 than Marc Miller? AKA "The Dallas is Going Down Guy" I mean I pronounced him dead like 5 years ago. Like legit dead. In fact everytime the Pats played the Bills I'd show the video and say RIP Marc Miller. Well as you can plainly see not only is he alive, but for some reason this year he decided to become active on social media. Yup after a 2 decade hiatus all of a sudden he's been everywhere the last month or so culminating with this video threatening Tom Brady. Listen most of the time I'd get mad about something like this or make fun of it. But not with Bills fans and not with Marc Miller. I laughed out loud when he took out the oversized hour glass. Yeah the Pats are going to probably destroy Buffalo tomorrow, but nothing warms the heart more than Bills fans with hope and that's exactly what they have right now. Good boy Marc Miller…good boy.