Taking You Into The Weekend With The Best Plays From NBA Christmas

OK by now if you are still stuck in the cubes you need to spend your break looking for a new job. Nobody deserves that sort of torture. But thankfully for you I am here to help those who may be in need of a little something to get them to freedom. I think we can all agree that one of the best days on the NBA calendar is the Christmas Day games. Even though I am more of a Hanukkah guy myself, there's nothing better than starting the day early and having basketball on all day with some pretty legit matchups. Granted the basketball is ugly as hell if you play in the early game (shoutout my Celts!), and if you've been reading this blog for a while you should know all about Big Cat's under strategy. I won't speak to that because I don't want that blood on my hands, but I will send you into the break with some of the best plays on Christmas day over the last handful of years. 

Have a fantastic break everybody. Be safe, party, binge Netflix, watch a ton of hoops, whatever.