A Cruise Line Magazine Just Diarrhea Shamed Me? 5 Days Before Christmas?

I wrote the above blog earlier today. Did I take some shots at cruises? Yes. Yes I did. It wasn’t personal when I called cruises the vacation of choice for poor people. It was part of my editorialization of the current scene in Cozumel. I was required to put that in there. 

Porthole Magazine got personal. They got so personal that they started talking about my butthole. ON TWITTER! HAVE I NO BUTTHOLE PRIVACY, PORTHOLE MAGAZINE!?

Do I have diarrhea occasionally? Yes. I keep that information between me, my family, the stoolies, and the good people at Costco (there’s something about the pizza there that really gets me).

Im just a simple blogger minding his own business on the internet streets. I didn’t deserve this.