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Crazy Time Lapse Video Of An F-22 Fighter Pilot Showing Off Above Fort Lauderdale

God this is cool. Everything about it is just so bad ass. The plane, the moves, the uniform, the helmet, the verbiage, the fact that they’re traveling though the air at hundreds of miles per hour in a giant metal race car- all of it. Even the verbiage is cool: “max vertical pull”, “high angle of attack loop”, “power loop.”

If I could go back in time and re-choose my career I’d pick fighter pilot. That said, I’m not smart enough, motivated enough, or nearly as handsome as you need to be, but it’s still fun to think about.

I went into a “fighter pilot” Youtube hole after watching that video and it turns out there are a ton of these types of videos. Kind of a weird thing to blog, but I thought it was cool so I figured I’d share. Five more hours till the weekend. Hang in there.