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HUGE Development For The Wrestlemania 30 Watch Party At Saloon - The Iron Sheik Will Be In The Building


Sunday night now has the potential to be the most absurd Barstool party in the history of this website. The 30th Anniversary of Wrestlemania, $30 open bar, and the motherfuckin Iron Sheik will be in attendance. The potential for this party is out of this fucking STRATOSPHERE.

I don’t care if he breaks my back, fucks my ass, and makes me humble. As long as I get to kick it with this lunatic for a few hours while watching Wrestlemania, I can die a happy man. Anybody who grew up watching the WWF can appreciate how much fucking fun this is gonna be. And if you’re one of those wet blankets who takes yourself too seriously to understand that wrestling is just good fun entertainment, well in the words of the Sheik…GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Best Sergeant Slaughter costume waving the Stars and Stripes right in this guy’s face wins $200 cash.

Open Bar: First 200 Stoolies to email are locked in at a $30 open bar. After the first 200 the price goes up, so get in on the Early Bird Special ASAP. Open bar includes all beers – domestic and import – and premium liquor

When: April 6th, 7pm-10pm

Where: Saloon NYC – 84th and York

Extras: $200 cash prize for the best WWE Divas costume, $200 prize for best wrestler costume