White Sox Acquire Gio Gonzalez For Like The 100th Time

Every Sox fan and their mother is going to be bitching about this move, but it’s perfectly fine.  The White Sox needed a swing guy and here he is.  So long as this is just *a* move and not *the* move to solidify the rotation, we should be more than fine with it.  Gio Gonzales was pretty decent for Milwaukee last year, all things considered: 3.50 ERA, 4.04 FIP, ~8Ks/9IP in 87 or so innings with a 1.4 fWAR.

Extrapolate those numbers over a full season’s worth of work, and that’s a good year.  Assuming he’s going to be a spot starter/long reliever we’d take those numbers all day long, ya know why?  Because that was the role Dylan Covey filled last year.   This move was much needed for depth.

Now go sign Keuchel or Ryu, please and thank you.

PS this is sneaky kinda funny, time is a flat circle