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6 foot 7 NYC Jew Will Freestyle Rap For You

Video leads off with the most obnoxious voicemail message you’ve ever heard, Rap starts at 2:50

Gothamist – Last week we brought you episode one of No Your City, an 8-part series created by Nicolas Heller, which we’re premiering here every Tuesday morning. Below you’ll find the second installment, which introduces you to Te’Devan: the 6’7″ Nomadic-Jewish-Healing-Freestyler, who you’ve maybe seen around?

Ordinarily when I see people like this, I ask myself one question: Why are people so fucking weird? I just never understand where things go wrong where you just decide to be a total weirdo. Like I have very simple desires in life. I wanna make a little bit of money so I can eat good food, drink good booze, and relax. Thats really it. Don’t need to dig any deeper. Life’s too short to care about all that other crap. Just be fucking normal and get a normal job and hang out with normal people and do normal things. All these weird ass artsy people worried about their energy and their philosophies and yada yada. Get lawst, weirdos.

But when you’re a 6 foot 7 Jew you just don’t have any other choice but to be a complete weirdo. What else are you gonna do? Certainly can’t be a normal person when you’re a 6 foot 7 Chosen. You just gotta play the hand that God dealt you. Walk around the city with a sandwich board draped over your head spitting awful freestyles for people talking about your Chi and shit. I respect this man’s self awareness. Someone else out there has gotta be a weirdo so that the rest of us can remember what it means to be normal. Its like “without darkness there can be no light.” Without 6 foot 7 rapping Jews there can be no normal. So thank you, Te’Devan. You weird ass Giant Jew.