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Gangs Of "Powerfully Built" Black Chicks Mugging Drunk Dudes In Hong Kong's Red Light District

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Time.comOne luckless expatriate was picked up and thrown into a trash can by brawny muggers after trying to put up a fight. Groups of black female thieves are prowling Lockhart Road, Hong Kong’s lively red-light strip, looking for expatriate men to rob, the South China Morning Post reports. The area’s streets are particularly busy this week, thronged with fans from all over the world attending the city’s famous Rugby Sevens tournament. A party atmosphere prevails and binge drinking is the norm during “Sevens week.” The women, hailing from an unspecified African country, are described as “powerfully built” and standing about 1.8 m tall. They pretend to be customers at bars, where they strike up conversations with their victims. They then flirt or offer sex, get the men drunk and subsequently mug them either on the street or in their hotel rooms. One unfortunate man was thrown into a trash can by the women when he started struggling after realizing he was getting mugged. Another man, an Australian, had about $1,300 stolen when he took three African women to his hotel room after getting drunk with them in a bar. The police say many cases are going unreported because the victims are ashamed or because they are only in the city for a few days. Rugby Sevens visitors have been warned to be on their guard.

You ever hear of the term Caveat Emptor? Buyer Beware? Clearly these dudes have not. Because when you purchase a powerfully built African whore, you should really be aware of all the potential pitfalls. I’m not well versed when it comes to paying for sex, I’ve never been a John. But I’d imagine if I did I’d have a pretty steadfast rule that I would need to be able to beat up any hooker I paid for. I would need t0 be 100% confident I could physically manhandle my red light prostitute before I ever went out into the streets or into a hotel room with them. Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up to be thrown into a garbage can by an African bitch who’s almost 2 meters tall.

And really, fellas, lets have some self respect. You’re trolling through the Red Light District and you pick the “powerfully built” black broads? I mean no man deserves to be bundled up by a female, thrown in a trash can, and robbed of $1,300 dollars, but if it has to happen to one type of guy, it should happen to the idiot choosing the African Gang Members as his sex for the night.

PS – The image of a drunk white dude in Hong Kong getting thrown in a dumpster by a black amazon woman is downright hilarious.