Animator Dad Turns His Son's Home Videos Into Action Movies

Huff PoJames isn’t your ordinary 3-year-old. He’s a light saber-wielding, lava-jumping, LEGO- blastin’ superhero. His dad, Daniel Hashimoto, is a Dreamworks animatorwho uses his professional skill-set to enhance home videos of James. When your dad puts the magic in movies for a living, clearly, anything is possible. Check out these videos of pure cinematic (and toddler) awesomeness.

When I was a kid my dad used to take his wedding ring off and spin it on the table. Thats how he entertained me. Probably because he was secretly hoping I’d knock it down the drain or some shit. But that was how we had fun. Tried to stop the spinning ring with our finger. It was like the most fun I had.

Nowadays dads are making special effects movie trailers for their kids. Bananas. I love that he’s still playing The Floor Is Lava but its just got that 2014 Michael Bay/James Cameron twist.

If you don’t get a kick out of these videos and smile while watching them, there’s no doubt you were abused as a child and had a horrible upbringing. The Grappling Gun and Wet Floors videos are fucking awesome.