I'm Pretty Sure I Hate This Spiderman Rickshaw Dude

For a split second I was wavering. Half of me hated this guy’s guts, half of me was thinking don’t knock the hustle. Dude has some serious rickshaw moves and he’s gettin his.

Then I came to my senses. I fucking hate this guy. Because this dude is undoubtedly just some poor hipster asshole doing this for attention. Nobody in their right mind would ever choose to be a fucking rickshaw runner. This is an actual quote directly from the Wikipedia page: “the deadliest occupation in the East, [and] the most degrading for human beings to pursue.” The deadliest, most degrading job imaginable. But here’s Spiderman in the Village running and dancing around like some sort of goddam ballerina pretending to love life even though he admits he’s broke and can’t afford to live. Don’t let Times Square Batman catch you climbing all over the walls and shit. He’ll tune your ass up real quick.