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Actress/Waitress Claims Bar Owner Sent Her Text Messages About His "Irish PeePee"


NY Post – The Duke’s Original Roadhouse restaurant in Gramercy Park is run like a real life roadhouse — with a Boss Hog manager whose perverted texts reduced one female bartender to tears, according to a new sex harass lawsuit. “You feel dirty — absolutely. You feel sick inside,” brunette beauty Sujeilee Ramos told The Post of an alleged campaign of smutty texts from supervisor Sean Salinas, complete with links to porn videos and photos of his own genitalia. Ramos, 36 — who acts under the name Sujeilee Candele, and has had bit parts in “Spiderman 3” and “Pride and Glory” — says in her suit that if she didn’t respond “politely,” Salinas would give her fewer hours. “I have seen some of the most bizarre things as an employment lawyer, but these text messages top the chart,” Ramos lawyer Matthew Blit said of the texts, in which Salinas often slipped into bizarre, scatological baby talk. “I like my little Irish peepee,” Salinas told her in one text, according the suit filed by Blit and law associate Justin Clark. “He is cute and [at] least he is not an ugly peepee.” The suit seeks unspecified money damages from Salinas and the restaurant’s parent company, Branded Restaurant Foods, LLC, which also owns another Dukes in Murray Hill, along with Big Daddy’s and City Crab. “She’d answer LOL — it looked to me like two consensual adults going back and forth with silly banter,” counters Branded managing partner Michael Schatzberg. When confronted, Salinas told him, “We were laughing and having fun. In hindsight, we probably shouldn’t have done it, but it was all just silly stuff,” Schatzberg.

Chicks are such mental midgets. Just keep sending LOL texts every time this weirdo sends you a message about his tiny Irish pecker. Keep getting your shifts on the schedule and keep it moving. Now instead you’re gonna pay lawyers and go to court and all this other shit? Ridiculous. Imagine if the roles were reversed? Some chick texting a guy about her sub-par VJ? I’d just sext her back and show all my buddies and laugh about it and keeping making money at work. And probably have sex with her too. But chicks “feel dirty” and “get sick to their stomach” like a bunch of babies.

Admittedly its fucking gross to refer to your dick as your peepee. Thats some weird, creepy shit. I don’t even like when parents say that about their children, let alone a grown man saying it in a sexual manner. But the point still remains that chicks are so soft.

PS – Did you call your dick a “peepee” when you were a kid? We called it dingle in my house. Fucking dingle. Hilarious word. Needs to be more main stream. Maybe I’ll start working that into my sexts. “I wanna stick my dingle inside you.”